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About me


Welcome to www.4modelactor.com, the website of Grigoris Drakakis. Thank you for visiting and let me introduce myself.  I am a Greek model and actor who has appeared on hundreds of book covers in many genres, including that of USA Today and New York Times Best Selling authors.  With many years of experience in modeling both in Greece and the USA, my stock imagery and custom shoots  are available for book covers in all genres, magazines and print as well as advertisements. I guarantee perfect results for any custom shoot you may need, no matter how demanding it may be.  Please check out my stock images and pre-made book covers (custom book covers are also available by request). I hope you enjoy my site and I look forward to collaborating with you!  - Grigoris





All Images on my website are Exclusive.




Exclusive Images are just that, Exclusive to you alone. No one else can use this image, ever.


To purchase an Exclusive Image you have found in my gallery, please contact me with the image number   


 1) Exclusive License For Book Publishing only :   $190.00  FOR ONE PICTURE - FULL COPYRIGHTS - UNLIMITED NUMBERS OF PRINT - UNLIMITED PERIOD OF TIME   


2)Exclusive License for Magazines-Advertisements :  $290.00  FOR ONE PICTURE - FULL COPYRIGHTS  -  UNLIMITED NUMBERS OF PRINT  - UNLIMITED PERIOD OF TIME   


3) Older Exclusive Stock Images  : $99.00  FOR ONE PICTURE ,Take more than two Exclusive pictures the same day and pay only $50.00  per picture




- Buy 2 pictures the same day instead of  $380.00  you pay only $290.00. you save $90.00  (Payment plans are available)


- Buy 3 pictures the same day and pay only 2 pictures  you  take one picture  for free . You  save  $190.00 (Payment plans are available)


- EXTENDED PAYMENT OPTION FOR ALL EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS: You may pay in three monthly installments, first payment is due at time of purchase.



  Exclusive Shoots 

I will plan a photo shoot catered to your specifications.  Describe the vision of your cover to me, the time period, specify clothing, scenery (if applicable.) Props, and what genre.  What expressions of your character do you need?  What poses will you need?  Do you want only me in the photo or want a female model also?  I work with male models, but with restrictions.  Include as many details to help make the best shoot for you.  Also the more models requested, the price will be higher for your exclusive. 

For your Exclusive photo shoot, I will work with other female models and male models.  If you do not see the female model you like to hire, please contact me for other models available for your shoot.

I will pose with male models with some restrictions.  The model must an established model.  The images cannot be used for sensitive topics such as sexual orientation or related sexual activity depicting homosexual activity.

$300  covers  ,and covers one photo. Additional images are $50  each.

Once I have your specifications, I will need a week to notify any models you have requested, rent the props and coordinate times with the photographer. 

From the time you have contacted me with your requirements, until you have images to view, it will be one month.  At this time I will send you the best 5 to 20 images for your viewing.  If you wish to see all images taken for your Exclusive shoot, please notify me and they will be made available for your viewing also.




EXTENDED PAYMENT OPTION FOR ALL EXCLUSIVE premade covers: You may pay in three monthly installments, first payment is due at time of purchase.

EXCLUSIVE PREMADE COVERs: $95.00 E-book edition only. $95.00 Additional for full print edition 

EXCLUSIVE PREMADE COVERS: This is a cover made with an EXCLUSIVE image. Meaning that NO other author will have this image on their cover. It will not be sold to anyone else and is exclusive to this cover alone.


Non Exclusive Premade Covers: $100.00  For Ebook and Print. Images are non exclusive but the backround (design) never remains the same , no other author  will have  the same cover that you will have...